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Old 04-28-2008, 03:05 PM
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Can a neurologist call DMV and take away my license?

So here are facts.
I have problems when I have my period only.
I told neurologist this.
She scheduled an eeg and mri.
i did not go for mri or eeg.
she was asking me questions about driving.
i live in massachusetts.
does she have power to call dmv and have my license taken away?
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Old 04-28-2008, 03:47 PM
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Hi SeizeEpill, welcome to the forum.

You can find information on Massacheusettes' driving laws and epilepsy from the EFA: Driver Information by State
New to CWE? I suggest reading the proactive prescription and epilepsy 101 threads. Also check out this chart of alternative epilepsy treatments and this page on EEG Neurofeedback. More great stuff can be found in the list of the best forum threads.

Would you like to help support this forum?
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Old 04-28-2008, 05:23 PM
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Hi SeizeEpill - Welcome to CWE
My daughter can't apply for her license yet. Even though it is six months here in CA, I would want her to be seizure free for a year.

Her seizures started out during her period, but then they started happening at other times too. Some I believe were brought on by her medication. She is no longer on medication, she is having neurofeedback therapy at the moment. We have also eliminated many food products, and increased her vitamins and minerals. It has reduced her seizures from 6 tonic clonic to 1 simple partial / month. I believe next month will be 0.

Neurofeedback - Rebecca's Story

Robin's Challenge

Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied.
-- Bob Noyce
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Old 04-28-2008, 06:03 PM
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well i currently have my license and im concerned that neurologist will/can take it away. so does anyone know if that can happen. ive listed the circumstances in my first post up above.
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Old 04-28-2008, 07:29 PM
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I would recommend that you look into the law in your state. Every state is different. I live in Wisconsin and we are a self reporting state.
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Old 04-28-2008, 07:49 PM
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He/She might not take it away, but it may be suspended for a while. Again, that varies by state according to each state's driving laws.

I think public transportation will be the way to go for a lot of people who are short on money. Driving is SO expensive and the oil companies are getting pure profit from us. The rip-off is purely why I am driving less right now. And, we have to pay for expensive meds. It's ripping off the poor to pay the rich.
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Old 04-28-2008, 08:29 PM
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Exclamation Hello - and here's a Generalized viewpoint of the whole ballpark:


Welcome to CWE! Unfortunately, regardless
of State Laws, a neurologist or epileptologist
or even a Primary Care or Specialist
can call and report to the Department of
Motor Vehicles regardless of one's health
(this includes the person's age as well) if
they feel that the person may be of
endangerment to self and/or others.

Now in some States it's a mandatory, in
others it's optional, but their primary
concern overall is keeping you and others

They cannot take away anyone's license
but they can report you, or recommend
you to surrender (voluntarily), or even
recommend you not to drive for a period
of time, or whatever it applies pertaining
to the State / Providence / or Country.

Some Doctors can actually loose their
License to practice medicine if they
withhold such information; and in some
cases they can even be sued if a patient
who has some known medical condition
(not just Epilepsy - any type) that could
interfere with their driving! So there is a
risk factor involved.

If you noticed, my post is very generalized
as a whole to the health issue overall and
not just pertaining to Epilepsy so you can
get the general idea that it effects and
affects others too.

Then there's other issues involved as well
on top of it:

1) A continual history of a patient who
is known to be non-compliant to numerous
Physicians / Specialist(s), especially when
they have a known medical condition(s)
that are in need of medical care. And they
could be dangerous if left untreated if
they are driving!

2) Patients who have no stability or who
are not stabled (two different issues I
am in reference to). One being a mental
issue and the other being a poor cognitive
functionality where poor judgment is
impairing the individual. That could put
themselves and/or others at risk behind
the wheel.

THEN there's a couple more issues that
are involved as well:

3) Patients who are under excessive
medication where it impairs them, these
patients ARE COMPLIANT, however, they
just won't surrender or 'give up' their
privilege of driving. In this case the
Physician tries to work with the patient,
and then moves to a next of kin (usually
a family member) and if this fails, then
the next step would be contacting the
DMV Office, and they have special Officers
who are trained and specialized to deal
with these people in a special way (Some
areas have this, some do not), and they
offer assistance and counseling in how
to cope and adjust. Such Officers typically
goes to the individual's residence, and
these people are very highly trained
professionals and deals with this all the
time, daily, and constantly.

4) Then there's Patients that are confused
who are under the impression that driving
is a RIGHT. When in fact is not, it is a
PRIVILEGE. They are compliant with their
Doctors, then they get the idea that "they
are out to get them" and suddenly become
withdrawn and resists; in this event, a
different approach is needed - and usually
the Primary Care is summoned and a
conference is held; whereas usually a
Social Worker intervenes and tries to get
the Patient to understand and evaluates
(it all varies from area to area). Most of
the time, it's a simple miscommunication
or misunderstanding - when a Doctor just
remarked he/she didn't want him/her to
drive for 3 months, and they get the idea
that they're being eternally banished and
cut everyone off. And depending on the
circumstances, sometimes the DMV Officer
may be called upon to explain alongside
with the Social Worker to clarify things
more clearly. But every area, location,
State / Providence / Country is different
in how they handle in such cases as
everyone is unique. But again, like #3
above - it follows in the same suit, and
in both cases, majority of the times the
patient becomes of more understanding
and complies and the issue is resolved.

ONCE AGAIN - this is a generalized
perspective as a WHOLE in Healthcare
Issue - not just Epilepsy.

Hope this helps a lot in the whole
field of depth. It's better to be SAFE
than SORRY!
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Old 04-28-2008, 11:20 PM
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Welcome to CWE!

Ohio is pretty lenient with the driving. However, my doctor has had me voluntarily stop driving at times due to my E. The longest stretch was over 4 months.
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Old 04-29-2008, 11:11 AM
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Each state is different. California (where I live) is a mandatory report state. If I tell my neurologist, he must contact DMV.
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