Epilepsy Diary Articles in March, 2005

Life, Strife and Chinese Qigong acupressure

Family life (grandfather’s illness, out-of-town family coming to visit, co-ordination with in-laws [my parents], etc.) has been rather stressful lately. Stacy is holding up rather well under the weight of it though.

I’ve noticed that she is, for the first time since I’ve known her, actually expressing and releasing anger as an emotion lately. She used to just internalize it. I’m hopeful that this is an indication that she is learning to manage her stress better.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Stacy will be unable to continue seeing Dr.(China) Yang for Chinese Qigong acupressure therapy for the near future. I bought Chinese Qigong Acupressure Therapy: A Traditional Healing Technology for the Modern World from Amazon.com to see if I might be able to learn some of the basics to help Stacy until we can resume treatments with Dr.(China) Yang again.

Two weeks and counting

Stacy had an atonic seizure Friday, March 25 at ~1:40pm. She dropped to her knees and bruised them slightly on the tile floor. The bruises are almost gone today.

She also had a jerk (myoclonic seizure) while sitting on the couch Saturday, March 27 at roughly 6:30pm.

Today marks two weeks since her last tonic-clonic/grand mal seizure. This marks the longest span between such seizures since January.

A small seizure

Stacy had a small seizure today at roughly 5pm. She jerked and was aware of it. Fortunately, she did not fall down or make a mess while working in the kitchen.

She is under tremendous stress right now as her grandfather is not well. They spent the afternoon together discussing arrangements for when he is no longer with us.

LENS Neurofeedback

Stacy had her weekly LENS neurofeedback session today at Dr. White’s office. On the way there, while passing a Golf supply store, she saw a one armed man leaving the store. She made a comment about it and it took me a minute to understand the significance (I blame my lack of snap on concentrating on traffic).

She felt inspired that someone would not let a handicap like that keep them from playing. I told her that everyone has problems. No one is immune from struggling with adversity.

We think Stacy had a “jerk” yesterday while getting into the car for the ride to the Yang’s (YSY Chinese energy therapy). She spilled her tea all over the floorboard of the car while she was getting into the car. I didn’t see the event (I was getting our youngest into his car seat) and she is not sure if she was just clumsy or had a seizure. If she did have a seizure, it is the first one we are aware of since her two tonic clonic/grand mal seizures on the 14th.

Struggling with short term memory

Today (specifically in the morning), I noticed that Stacy was having difficulty with her short term memory. Twice she asked me about a subject that we had discussed a few hours earlier. When I brought this to her attention, she remembered having the conversation, but could not remember the details of what was said. I think this is probably a side effect of starting on Dilantin. Hopefully this will subside as she adapts to having the drug in her bloodstream.

Last night we attended a seminar on VNS Therapy. Stacy missed taking one of her Dilatin pills with dinner because we ate out after the seminar and she forgot to take a pill along. Otherwise, she has been taking the pills as prescribed without missing a dose.

Starting Medication Again

Dr. Manso has prescribed Dilantin for Stacy. She is supposed to take one pill with dinner and another one just before going to bed. She started taking the Dilantin yesterday, March 18.

Recent history

This diary will be used to track Stacy’s seizure activity and treatments. To get it started, here is a list of Stacy’s recent grand mal seizure activity. We have not been tracking her “jerks”, but we intend to start logging them here as best we can.

March 14 – 2:50pm (sitting on couch)
March 14 – 7:18am (just got out of bed)
March 8 – 3:55am (asleep and dreaming presumably)
Feb 25 – 7:15am
Feb 13 – 8:23am
Feb 6 – 8:47am
Jan 31 – 7:40am
Jan 15 – (time not recorded)
Jan 6 – 7:45am