Epilepsy Diary Articles in April, 2005

Good news, bad news

The good news is that Stacy had a phone consultation with Dr. Manso today and he was fairly confident that Stacy will not have another tonic-clonic / grand mal seizure if she sticks to the regimen. He recommended that she stop taking the Taurine and start taking some chromium picolinate. He wants to see her in 6 weeks to take another blood test.

The bad news is that Stacy’s Uncles have basically ransacked “Great Grandpa’s” house. Yesterday, a picture which Stacy’s mother painted hung at the top of the stairs. Today, there was a different picture there and neither Uncle is fessing up to the deed. That painting was one of the only remaining items in the house of sentimental value to Stacy for her mother (who passed away a couple of years before I met her). You may never see an uglier side to people than when they fight, lie, cheat and steal over the remains of a relative’s estate. Stacy has had several breakdowns today over it. I’m sure there will be more to come in the days ahead.

Smooth sailing from here?

We spread Great Grandpa’s ashes yesterday in accordance with his last wishes. It was a pretty emotional/stressful day for Stacy. Fortunately, she only had two small jerks to account for it as far as seizures are concerned. I’m not sure if she cried all that she needed to, but I think that she is at peace for now.

Dr. White’s office had some minor technical problem with the LENS machine on Thursday, so Stacy missed her weekly treatment this week. Hopefully the issue will be resolved by this coming Thursday. She is still taking the Dilantin and supplements as directed by Dr. Manso.

Cautiously optimistic

Stacy had a phone consultation with her primary doctor yesterday. He thinks that if Stacy continues taking the Dilantin, 5 HTP and other supplements and keeps getting good sleep, that she won’t have another (grand mal) seizure.

Stacy attended her weekly LENS neurofeedback session today. The effects of neurofeedback therapy were gradual and hard to notice/quantify the last time Stacy used EEG neurotherapy, but one of the noticable effects (in the long run) was improved cognitive function – ie. she could think more clearly and remember things better. She is showing some signs of improvement in those areas lately, so I’m hopeful that the LENS neurofeedback is already paying dividends

Life’s rollercoaster is running full tilt

Neither Stacy nor I have had much time lately to post in the forum or the diary. Her grandfather is terminal and we are barely keeping our heads above water with our daily schedules. We also learned last night that one of her uncles died from a heart attack a week ago – roughly the same time that her grandfather was admitted to the hospital.

The good news is that Stacy has not had any tonic-clonic/grand mal seizures even with the tremendous stress she is under right now. It’s a struggle right now to ensure that she is eating adequately and getting enough sleep. She has had some infrequent jerks – mostly while seated to eat, but we have not been keeping track of them diligently lately.

Stacy did manage to make her Neurofeedback session on Thursday. She is also strictly following her Dilantin schedule.

Dilantin is working while stress is mounting

Stacy was a complete emotional wreck today. Her uncle is in town and took her grandfather to see his doctor. The doctor said he likely has only 3-6 months to live. Stacy is not dealing well with the prospect of losing her grandfather so soon.

Fortunately, the Dilantin seems to be working as she has not (knock on wood) had a grand mal/tonic clonic seizure under the weight of her stress. Stacy had a phone consultation with Dr. Manso on Thursday as a follow up to the last visit.

We will likely take off for the beach in Galveston tomorrow and spend the night there with friends at a beach house. Hopefully, it will provide a little relief from the stresses of the week.