Epilepsy Diary Articles in June, 2005

PMA euphoria today

Stacy has not had any noticable seizure activity lately. She said that she has had some jerking, but I have not noticed any (and I usually do).

Stacy was not happy about increasing her dosage of Dilantin, but it appears to be working.

Today she had her weekly neurofeedback session (she also made her session last week). On the way there today, she told me that she woke up today feeling quite positive that she was going to be seizure free and drug free again. She really had the positive mental attitude working today and felt great.

Mr. Hyde has left the building

Doc upped Stacy’s Dilatin from 200mg/day to 300mg/day last week. She also had blood drawn for a test (no results yet). He thinks it is likely that her body has adjusted to the low dosage that she was on. He may bring her up to 400mg/day if necessary. She has another blood test scheduled in two weeks.

The neurofeedback tech said the measurement results from the brain mapping showed a lot of improvement, but we still need to follow up with Dr. White to get the details. Stacy missed her weekly neurofeedback session prior to the TC cluster because I was out of town on business and could not take her to the appointment (and we all forgot to make other arrangements).

She seems to be doing well again now though. She has not had any visible seizure activity since the last TC. She has been adhering to her sleep schedule since the TC cluster (going to bed on time instead of several hours late) and I think that is helping a lot.