Epilepsy Diary Articles in July, 2005

Baked, but not fried

Not much new to report. Stacy has an occasional jerk first thing in the morning after waking up, but otherwise does not have any seizure activity. She is still taking Dilantin as directed.

Her neurofeedback appointment was canceled this week, but she has undergone the treatment weekly before that.

Stacy managed to cook her backside in the sun the other day. She got a pretty bad sunburn that blistered up 2 days afterwards. I put lots of fresh Aloe Vera on it (we have lots of it growing around here for just such an occasion).

Sorry about that…

It’s been a while since the last update. We haven’t posted anything because there has been little to report (that’s a good thing!).

Stacy has been taking her Phenytoin as prescribed and has occasional jerks in the mornings, but no further visible seizure activity.

We finally reviewed the results from the brain mapping last week and it was amazing how much improvement there was. We saw before and after (current) mappings showing her brain wave activity in the alpha, beta, theta, delta, etc. frequencies. An optimal graph on the system would be solid black. Bright colors (white being worst) indicate brain activity (relatively localized) outside of optimal parameters. Her before graphs had a lot of white in them. The after graphs had almost none with mostly dark colors indicating brain wave activity that is close to normal.

The other day Stacy remarked that she had noticed a change within herself where she felt like she was about to have some sort of seizure (not tonic-clonic, possibly a jerk?), but didn’t. I’ll have to ask her for the details again, because I’m not sure I understood her correctly, but she was pretty excited that she had noticed a change for the better.