Stacy has taken to announcing the answers to questions which she challenges herself with silently. For example, while driving home from her doctor appointment yesterday, after a period of quiet serenity in the car, she suddenly exclaimed “Marvin Gaye!”. Huh? Oh, he was the one who wrote the song I Heard It Through The Grapevine. Something she could not remember another day. It appears that her memory recall is really starting to improve.

Dr. White’s trained LENS neurofeedback technician quit work to go back to college, so Stacy missed her weekly session last week. I expect further sessions may be sporadic pending Dr. White’s availability to conduct the session personally until a new technician can be trained properly.

Dr. Manso reported that Stacy’s blood test indicated her phenytoin/Dilantin blood level was 0.08 and the therapeutic dose should be between 0.1 and 0.2. He suggested she up her intake from 300mg/day to 400mg/day, however, we also talked about changing from the generic phenytoin which she is now taking to the brand name Dilantin which is supposed to maintain a better and more even absorption into the blood stream. We will likely start out on the brand name Dilantin at 300mg/day first and see how it affects her blood levels.

Stacy has been doing really well lately. Some days she may jerk two or three times, some days she has no seizure activity at all, but I would guess that she averages one jerk a day. She has not had any drop attacks or other seizure activity aside from the jerks.

She has settled into a better sleep pattern/routine now that the school season has begun and our oldest child has started kindergarten.