It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Stacy has been doing well with her recovery from the pre-Thanksgiving seizures on 300mg of Dilantin a night.

However, a week ago last Monday, one of Stacy’s uncles called. He has severe liver problems (this is not new info for us). He will likely die soon (not sure he will last more than a couple of months – this is the new info) without expensive medical care (he is perpetually broke and has no insurance). He was putting pressure on Stacy to sell his dad’s house and settle his Estate so he can get his inheritance ASAP.

The following day, one of Stacy’s cousins, who she was close to, died in a motorcycle accident. We don’t know exactly what happened, but it appears that he had a medical problem that caused him to lose control and drive into a telephone pole. He left behind a wife and two kids under 4 years old.

We went to the funeral last Monday and Tuesday and Stacy was very stressed out. Fortunately, she the stress only caused one jerk late Monday night just before bedtime and no other seizure activity.

Stacy is convinced that the dream of her own funeral that she had while drifting in and out of consciousness at the hospital over Thanksgiving were visions of her cousin’s funeral. She freaked out when we got to the church and the flowers, church interior and priest were all exactly as she saw in her dream. She almost fainted and I was very worried that she was going to have a seizure from the stress she was under. Luckily, she did not.

Yesterday, Stacy appears to have caught the bug that is going around our area. She has a sore throat and pain in ear – both on the right side of her body. She did not sleep well last night. She woke up intermittently to cry out in pain (from her ear). We called the doctor today and he prescribed some anti-biotics. Hopefully she will be able to sleep well tonight and find some peace.