Last night Stacy and I were watching TV on the couch in the Living room and she was telling me every so often that she just had a jerk. I didn’t feel/notice any of them but she insisted that she was having them.

We went to bed around 10pm and around midnight she had to get out of bed to go take some cough medicine so she could get some sleep.

Around 1am she had her first grand mal/TC seizure of the night. The second occurred at 2am and she proceeded to have one after another every 15 minutes or so. I finally called 911 after it became obvious that she was not going to stop.

The night shift doctor in the ER recognized her upon arrival. Her Dilantin level was 6.8 in the blood (they say it should be 10-20). I’m not sure why it was low as Stacy has been taking all her pills diligently. She’s going to increase her dose to 400mg/day and we are going to try to get some regular blood work done to monitor it.

Fortunately, they released Stacy around 11am this morning without admitting her to the hospital. She has been sleeping in her own bed most of the day.