Epilepsy Diary Articles in June, 2006

Back from New York

Stacy and I went to New York City for her cousin’s wedding last week. We just returned yesterday (Father’s Day).

Stacy had a bit more jerking activity than usual (averaging about two a day), but that wasn’t so bad all things considered (disruption to sleeping and eating patterns, stress/excitement, etc.).

We had to get up at 5am EST to get ready and catch our flight home (had to be home to celebrate Father’s Day with the kids!) and I mistakenly set the clock forward an hour when trying to set the alarm. So we awoke at 4am after going to sleep at midnight and I was very worried about whether or not Stacy was going to make it home without a TC seizure. She had two huge jerks that doubled her over, but she managed to keep from falling to the ground. Fortunately, she did not have further seizures after we got to the airport and she ate some breakfast.

Stacy did miss her morning dose of Dilantin yesterday (100 mg) and we hope that does not translate into another status episode this week.

No News is Good News

It’s been a while since the last update. Stacy is doing pretty well lately. She used to have one big jerk in the morning every day, but for the last week or so has not had any seizures.

She just started her final class – research methods – for her Master’s Degree and I hope it will be less demanding/stressful on her than previous classes.