Stacy had been doing very, very well with her seizure control since last January. Rarely jerking at all and mostly during her period.

Unfortunately, Thurday night was a perfect storm of seizure triggers for her. We went to bed around 10:30pm after watching a rented movie (and hour and a half after her normal bed time). The movie got her a bit emotional too, so she was not centered/grounded when we went to bed.

Two hours later, our 3 year old came to our room to hop in bed with us. Normally, I would get up and carry him back to his room, but I have been suffering extreme pain in my back for the last couple of days and I just couldn’t convince myself to get up and try carrying him. He was sniffling and coughing pretty bad so I finally got out of bed around 2:30am to get him some cough suppresent and antihistimine. It started working shortly enough and we were all able to get some sleep.

Until 4:22am that is. Stacy had a grand mal seizure. I was hoping it would be a single event like last January, but she had another one at 5:00am. I administered her a dose of diastat, but I only had half the dose on hand that her neurologist had recommended. Unfortnately, she had another seizure fifteen minutes later at 5:19am – right at the threshold of when the diastat should kick in – so I waited a bit more to see if it would work. It didn’t. She seized again at 5:43AM so I called for an ambulance. She seized once more in the ambulance on the way to the ER and they administered some anti-seizure drug (I forget which).

Once at the ER, they hooked her up with Celebrex via an IV and took a blood test. Her Dilantin level was 6.3 (too low) even though, as far as I know, she was taking her pills diligently.

Fortunately, she came around a little before her blood work came back from the lab, so she did not have to be admitted to the hospital for observation. We were able to return home Friday right at lunch time.

She slept most of the day with a headache but got up this morning alert, no headache and full memory of Thursday night. The seizures have not appeared to affect her cognitively although her muscles are sore and she is moving around slowly.