Epilepsy Diary Articles in August, 2007

Beware Aunt Flow on the Full Moon

We had a rough night last night. Stacy had started her period yesterday with a heavy flow. She was feeling tired all day and went to bed early around 8:30pm. She had a grand mal/tonic clonic seizure at 3:23am while sleeping.

She had another one an hour later at 4:22am. She seemed to recover quickly after the second one and was breathing normally within minutes of the convulsions ending so I had hopes she was done at that point. No such luck however.

She seized again at 4:40am, so went ahead and administered 15mg Diastat (@ 4:47am). She seized again at 4:52am and again at 5:08am and I called 911 for an ambulance at that point.

I don’t know yet if she seized again after that. I was unable to accompany her to the ER (needed to take care of the boys first). I called the hospital and they said she is stable/recovering but wouldn’t disclose further details over the phone.

Back on track

Stacy is managing fairly well lately. She still has an occasional jerk in the evenings around bed time (usually while watching TV on the couch), but otherwise has no seizure activity.

I’m hoping that when the boys start school in a week or so, we will all get into a more regular sleeping routine.