… call 911.

Stacy had a single TC seizure this morning. Unfortunately, she was already out of bed and standing by the kitchen sink when it happened. I didn’t witness it, but I think she fell forward, slid down the edge of the counter-top and eventually fell backwards and hit her head on the tile floor.

She had a lemon sized welt on the back of her head, so I called 911 and took her to the ER to make sure there wasn’t any serious injury. Fortunately, her Cat Scan came back clear and she recovered from her seizure really fast. She is up and about and none worse for the wear except for a headache.

I’m encouraged that this was a one off seizure and not a cluster like the last few times she had a TC. She also recovered much quicker from this one than she usually does from a single TC event.

As far as why she had the TC, she was on her period, she had been going to bed too late fr several days in a row (again! *&%*($%)%&*) and she was a bit anxious about wrapping up a project she was working on. Her Dilantin blood level at the ER was 6.8 which was a bit low (but she had been taking her pills as directed).