Epilepsy Diary Articles in January, 2008

Mixed signals

Stacy started her period really early. Hopefully this is just a one-off event as a result of her recent seizure activity and she returns to a regular schedule. She did not get to take her Pamprin beforehand as a result (as recommended by Dr. Andrews).

Still, she hasn’t had any seizure activity thus far. She upped her Dilantin dose to 400mg/day (from 300mg/400mg alternating every other day) since her last cluster of seizures. She also started using those Breathe Right strips at night and I think that is making a difference in her quality of sleep (I don’t notice her “funky breathing” as much now).

Another status morning

Stacy had several seizures today:

  1. TC @ 5:38am
  2. CP @ 6:24am
  3. TC @ 7:02am (I called 911)
  4. TC @ 7:15am
  5. CP in ambulance ~ 7:40am
  6. TC in the ER ~ 8:15am

She finally stabilized after an Ativan dose and Cerebrex IV. Blood work showed her Dilantin level to be 9.6 on arrival the ER (which is just under the lower bound of the therapeutic range). She also had slightly elevated sodium levels but otherwise pertty normal blood result.

She got to bed around 11pm last night and woke up once at around 2:30am when I had to attend to our youngest child who needed some cough medicine. It’s been roughly a month since her last seizure and she was again just coming off of her monthly period.

She may or may not have cheated on her diet yesterday – I wasn’t with her for breakfast or lunch and she went with the kids to a kolache/doughnut shop in the morning and a fair/carnival in the afternoon.

Fortunately, she recovered sufficiently to be released from the ER (and didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital). She is now resting peacefully.