Stacy weaned off the Keppra that she was given at the hospital a couple weeks ago and has been doing well. She also made it through a period without having any seizure activity.

At her first EEG neurofeedback session after returning from the hospital, her brain was very disorganized/unfocused (as might be expected). Two days later at her second session, she was back on track and managed to do better than she had done the session just prior to the June seizures. She is still training and making progress with the neurofeedback. Additionally, she has slowed down on her volunteer work and has been eating well trying to gain back some of the weight she lost.

Stacy noticed that she seems to have the most problems with morning seizures when she awakens from sleep early in the morning and then goes back to sleep. Something about transitioning from sleep to awake to sleep again just doesn’t work for her. So the few times that she has awoken earlier than she’d like, she went ahead and just got up whether it was 4:30am or whatever. So far, that strategy appears to be working as she did not have any seizures on the few days where she has done that.

Overall, I think things have calmed down considerably around here. :)