Stacy had a TC yestderday morning at ~8:00AM. She had gotten out of bed around 7 and used the restroom (she started her period). She was outside on the back patio when she fell to the ground and started convulsing. Fortunately, she did not sustain any major injuries from the fall or from convulsing on the concrete patio.

She had been taking her 400mg Dilantin and maintaining her sleep schedule for the most part. Her diet the day before was not very good though. She had too much sugar and not enough protein.

The good news is that the seizure was a one-off event. I was able to get her to stand up and walk inside to the couch (while leaning on me heavily for support) while still post-ictal. I stayed with her and talked to her as she sat upright on the couch. Every time she started to close her eyes and turn her head to the right, I would engage her with questions and she would snap back to being alert. After about 10-15 minutes, she was no longer post-ictal and she managed to take 200mg Dilantin (she normally takes 100mg in the morning) and eat some scrambled eggs. She did great for the rest of the day with little to no soreness or lingering problems from the seizure until 8pm when she started feeling tired and a headache (so she went to bed).

She appears to be 100% today.