Stacy had a single tonic clonic seizure today. This one was very unusual for her though – it occurred at noon while she was out in public (waiting in line at a restaurant) with friends.

She fell and hit her head near the bridge of her nose – just under the right eyebrow – on the corner of a counter. Fortunately, she appears to have suffered just a mild abrasion from the fall.

Her friends called 911 and I met the ambulance at the ER. Her Dilantin blood syrum level was 5.1 – even lower than Sunday morning.

She had fully recovered from the seizure by the time the ambulance got to the ER, so she was released after getting her blood work back and pumping up her up with Dilantin.

We’ve talked to her doctors and will be switching back to the 400mg Dilantin proper instead of the time release Phenytek formula she’s been taking for the last month and half.