Stacy managed to go tonic-clonic seizure free throughout 2010! She’s gotten *much*, much better at managing her diet, meds, sleep and overall life/stress/schedule balance.

She still occassionally has a small CP seizure (maybe once a week or two). By small, I mean they are almost like absence seizures. Very short duration and post-ictal periods. Maybe 30-45 seconds from start to finish. They mostly occur in the evenings when she’s been sitting on the couch watching TV for a while.

Just to recap, Stacy is currently eating a pseudo-LGIT diet (she only limits her intake of simple carbs), taking 400-500mg Dilantin (adjusted from 400-500 and back as necessary) and getting 9hrs/sleep a night. She jumps on a small trampoline (~$40 at Academy) to help combat water retention issues which we believe exacerbate problems around her menstruation period. She also take a host of other pills that are mainly vitamins/minerals, but I don’t have a list of them on hand.

Seems to be working so far. Best wishes for 2011!