Stacy had a tonic clonic (TC) seizure yesterday morning. Fortunately, she didn’t injure herself, she recovered quickly and it was a single seizure (no clustering / repeats).

The seizure occurred around 5:50am. We had gotten out of bed around 5:30am as we normally do on a weekday. I knew right away that she was off as she had that look like she wasn’t really ready to wake up or fully alert. Anyway, instead of taking a shower like she normally does, she sat on the recliner to write in her journal. The convulsions lasted somewhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute. 20 minutes later, she was fully recovered from the post-ictal haze and up and about. She had almost no soreness in her calves which is unusual for her after a TC. She said she barely had any headache which is also unusual – in a good way I think.

The day before, she had spent hours walking around in the sun taking pictures for a local volunteer firefighter event. She says that she thinks she didn’t drink enough water and may have been dehydrated. She also didn’t take her mineral supplements last night though she did take her Dilantin. She was also a bit stressed out, as evidenced by what she was writing in the journal prior to the seizure, about some relationships with family and folks in the VFD.

She’s bounced back strong and seems to be walking on solid ground again.