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To much medication?

My daughter is 4 yrs old and weighs 37lbs. She is currently taking 2250 mg of keppra and 250 mg of zarontin. She has not had a tonic clonic in 2 months as she was having them every 2 weeks when first diagnosed. She was then diagnosed with absent seizures May 31st. She has had a few absent seizure break throughs but overall is pretty well controlled. We had an appt scheduled for a second opinion this past week and the lady thinks my daughter is taking way to much keppra. I really liked the Dr but I'm scared to go back down on her meds, I feel like we will be starting the process all over again. She wants to take her down to only 1000 mg a day and leaving the zarontin where it's at. Her last tonic clonic she had (3 within a few hrs) she was on 1500 mg. My daughter tolerates the meds really well. She seems happy and herself. She will be starting school also in a few weeks and that scared me as well especially if we cut hers meds down. The Dr. is worried that it may eventually cause her to have cognitive probelms. That is scary also!!! Can anyone give me advise or has anyone had to do this before?
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