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Old 10-03-2018, 05:43 PM
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Any opinions on cannabis as a solution? The real question is how do you test it?
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Old 10-04-2018, 07:33 AM
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Do you mean CBD oil (which is low THC) or do you marijuana that is high THC?
Either way there are a lot of threads on this topic -- you can use the search tab (third from the right at the top) to find them.

Here are a few to get you started:
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Old 10-04-2018, 05:07 PM
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Hi finalpoet,

Nakamova gave you some really good pages to check out. I've been using the cbd oil for 3 yrs. now and it works great since I started using the cbd oil my seizures have reduced at least 50% and when I do have a seizure they are a lot less severe as in the past. You can buy it online and use your debit card or credit card. I buy it from and they deliver it by mail. What I like about this group is if you don't like how the cbd oil works you can return it and they will refund your money. It's also great for headaches, backpain, MS and many other medical problems. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

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Old 10-04-2018, 05:08 PM
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Hi finalpoet,

I forgot to tell you I found that the mouth spray works the best.

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Old 10-18-2018, 02:47 AM
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i have a brain defect that causes mine and its been there all my life.
I was always a bit wierd and "absent" as a kid at school... but when i left school and started smoking weed daily, i never had any fits of any kind.
When my daughter was born, i stopped completely... then then all left me.
not sure if it was the stress of them leaving, of being clean of weed.. but then fits came back once a month after that :/

i would try it again, but its not aloud in the UK yet on prescription... and its sooo expensive to buy good weed lol.
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Old 10-22-2018, 06:04 PM
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Here in the UK cannabis for medicinal use is being legalised next month - hooray at last. We'll be able to get it on prescription for epilepsy, other neurological conditions and pain relief. This is all because of a mother who's son has cluster seizures returned from holland with the cannabis he was treated with there, she was arrested (she'd clearly stated she was carrying the drug) and from there a legal process began. We have her to thank for this breakthrough.
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