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Old 05-04-2015, 04:23 PM
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Happy with my year old Neuropace device

Just an update on my RNS for anyone with interest: The responsive neurostimulator I had placed in my skull last year seems to be helping with seizures that impair consciousness. It has not controlled my seizures. I still have them, but they are less.

Looking at my seizure diary from 1998 onward, Levetiracetam and Topiramate definitely helped after Dilantin stopped working. Now it looks like I have less complex partial seizures. We will wait a while, maybe another six months to a year, and see that this is consistent, as my seizures can come in spurts. I wish I would have kept a diary from the beginning.

I am happy to have the continual eeg monitoring of Neuropace. This has helped my medical team see that my simple partial seizures can be so incredibly long (status of greater than 24hrs), especially after a complex partial seizure during the night. They recognized this pattern of mine and suggested when to take lorazepam. (I stopped taking this medication quite sometime ago as I had become used to these seizures.) I hope this will help with my memory. That would be so incredibly nice.

I haven't/didn't notice any "adverse side effects" after this surgery besides the new topography of my skull.

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Thank you for the update on how you are faring with the RNS. I hope that you can continue to find ways to reduce your seizures.
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