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Old 03-15-2012, 11:09 PM
Getting Comfortable
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Post Surgery...

I would love to know what side affects people have expierenced from having surgery..
I was looking through a few posts on here but only saw things from 2008, 2009...maybe I am not searching properly
I had a Right Frontal Lesionectomy..

When in my video EEG pre surgery monitoring a lovely girl who was having it done too warned my depression was a big part of her life now because of it (she was having her 3rd surgery try)

I recently had my surgery..

Me emotions are wild
I do get depressed at times
I get very tired and cranky
Stressed and Anxious...

I am that all of the place that my mother would like to have me tested for BIPOLAR as STRESS used to bring on alot of now without having seizures that used to bring me down to neutral and used to cut off the stress level when having it my emotions just keep building up....
One minute I am so happy...then I am crying... :-/

anyone else experienced anything like this?
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Old 03-16-2012, 01:13 AM
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When I had my surgery in March last year I found for the 1st 6-8 weeks after my surgery I would get tired easily & would have a nap in the day. I tried to avoid the naps when I was about 9 weeks after my surgery as I found it started affecting my sleep at night.

I didn't get too emotional after my surgery but it is common for people to get emotional & depressed just after surgery. Especially while your brain is still recovering & settling down.

I was very sensitive to noise for the 1st 2 -3 weeks after my surgery. A week after my surgery I had just finished having a shower & was getting dressed when I heard these weird noises in my head. It was like someone was saying knock knock in my head or tap tap. I freaked out & had a panic attack because I didn't know what was wrong, this was the only time I had a panic attack but it was still a little scarey. I did mention it to the specialists at the hospital & they put it down to my brain moving about & settling down.
After that 1st time with the knocking in my head it happened maybe 2 or 3 more times then after that it was fine.

I found the team at the Austins epilepsy clinic are fantastic & supportive. In particular both the epilepsy nurse & the neuropsych were a great support during the beginning of my recovery. I still email the neuropsych regularly to update her with how I'm going & always try to see the epilepsy nurse when I'm at the Austin for my checkups.

MissSkittles - If you have any other questions or just need some to talk to while you recover from the surgery please feel free to send me a private message .
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Old 03-16-2012, 02:33 AM
Getting Comfortable
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Thank you
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