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  1. cadsgj
    10-01-2013 12:58 PM - permalink
    Read your seizure background and goodness, I saw my life. Main difference for me is it took them three surgeries to get rid of my seizures. At the moment I do not remember how long it took before I started with some not too bad seizures sneaking back into my life but this last June they "came back with a vengeance." Oh how I feel for you...
  2. Lovespurple
    08-21-2013 05:54 AM - permalink
    Hi Lainey, yes I've been quiet on here these days. No I'm not on holiday. I've been studying for my History and Maths Exams here and there. I'm not in college yet, going to be in my final year of school, then it's off to the first year of college. I'm still in half-shock-half-excitement that I will be in Year 11 in 2 weeks' time! I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. My mother says that the regularity of my seizures has decreased a bit since I've been slowly put on Lamictal and being slowly taken off Epilim Chrono. Life is good in general.

    I prefer typing on a laptop because the keys are thinner. I hope that we can talk later. By the way, can you guess what my avatar is. My profile picture is Lavender, but you'll find my avatar on my page next to my join date and date of birth. It's a picture of a dessert, but can you guess what the name is? Indian members would recognise it almost instantly.
  3. Cint
    07-04-2013 09:14 AM - permalink
    Hi Elaine,
    Thanks for your sweet compliment. Your photo is nice, too, so please remember that. Sorry to hear of your seizure being all over the place. That's how mine were before I had the VNS and had that car accident back in December. Life does seem to keep throwing things at some of us. It gets overwhelming at times. I had a battery replacement back in April of this year, and so far no seizures, so keeping my fingers
    crossed. Have you checked in to the VNS?
    Today is America's Independence Day, a holiday here and I'm spending it alone. My daughter is with her friends and hubby and my son is with his girlfriend. My sister is out of town for the holiday. When she returns, tho, she will be needing surgery. Her breast cancer has returned and she will be having a double mastectomy. So our problems aren't so bad, huh?
    Keep your chin up!
  4. drarvindr
    06-09-2013 06:36 AM - permalink
    hi saw ur post re: the work you're doing and i must admit ... VERY COOL.sounds like a very good endeavor. Keep it up. Waiting on ur book. will return to CWE once my nose is rubbed raw.
  5. Lovespurple
    06-01-2013 05:02 PM - permalink
    Hi Elaine, I really hope that you are great these days . Yes, I am very busy with exams and I am coping . This week, I have been revising for three exams (2 Maths and 1 Science). Moving on, I hope that the weather has been good over there. If not, then why not make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and add some whipped cream ? The woman's son should have someone with him during exams. I am in a separate room, there is at least one other student in the same room as myself and I am entitled to 25% extra time. The school should provide him with special arrangements. Moving on, I would LOVE to create a flag that represents Epilepsy . Yes, thank you so much again, but we had to postpone the National Epilepsy Week. We will try to make it happen in 3 weeks' time. One of the assistant headteachers was impressed by the letter and gave me a R4 (praise from the headteacher). Anyway, I hope that you stay healthy and happy. Lovespurple
  6. drarvindr
    05-11-2013 10:49 AM - permalink
    Hi good to hear from u. sorry about the atonics. Finishing up the internal med degree. will start hunting for the 2 year neurologist programme later this year. Have cut up loads of brains in med school...not in a while though
    Btw, Belated happy birthday!!
  7. BrandiBrat
    05-04-2013 07:04 PM - permalink
    Happy Birthday Elaine!!
  8. Cint
    04-17-2013 10:40 AM - permalink
    Hey Elaine,
    Thank you for the belated birthday wish.
    My seizures were worse a year after I had my left temporal lobectomy and so 8 years after that surgery and trying many drugs, we finally went for the VNS surgery. And last Monday, I had my 3rd battery replacement surgery for the VNS. I practically had to insist with my neurologist to have the surgery because of the car accident I had back in December. Plus my neurologist added a new drug called Potiga on top of 3000 mgs of Keppra and 200 mgs. of Topomax. But that Keppra drug does add to the depression so make sure you speak to your doc about that anxiety.

    For the albums, if you look above you'll see the control panel. Click on that and then over to the left under Networking, you'll see Pictures and Albums. Click on that and then you will see something like add photos. Click that and then whatever pictures you have online you should be able to upload on here.

  9. RanMan
    03-21-2013 01:50 PM - permalink
    Hi Lainey, Haven't heard from you in a while.
    Hope everything is O K with you.
    Drop me a line when you get a chance. Luv 2 hear fr u.

  10. cazzy
    01-17-2013 09:53 AM - permalink
    my phone number is 01502 513384 i very intrested in taking carole

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    Seizure Background
    Diagnosed in 1986 aged 23! Forceps birth the cause, parents divorce & stress triggered it. Had a Temporal Lesionectomy in 2000, clear for 5 years, it came back with a vengeance. Had Right Temporal Re-section in 2008. I now have Atonic seizures, and in Summer 2013, as a result of the second surgery,I developed Blepharospasm, a focal Dystonia of the eye muscles. I give talks on my experiences with epilepsy, my book is written, but I'd prefer a happy ending!!
    Keppra 1,500mg x am and 1,500mg pm, Oxcarbazepine 900mg x am 900mg x pm, Zonisamide 150mg x am 150mg x pm , Perampanel 12mg pm Clobazam (for cluster seizures only) 10mg x am 10mg x pm
    Northamptonshire, England
    Collect antique cameras,I love world travel, anything to do with the brain, & historical buildings.


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