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Conversation Between Elaine H and Bernard
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  1. Bernard
    05-04-2016 07:48 AM - permalink
    Happy birthday Elaine!
  2. Elaine H
    01-07-2014 05:59 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Happy Birthday Bernard!

    Have a great day, and thanks once again for setting up this wonderful, informative, and very helpful website, I appreciate how good it is too know that it's there when you are having an off day or simply need a chat with people who understand this oh so complex condition!

    Hope you have a great birthday, twenty one years young again huh?!?!

    Best Wishes Elaine X
  3. Elaine H
    01-17-2013 05:21 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi Bernard I just noticed that you must also like Salvador Dali too? I have been absolutely fascinated by him and his intriguing work since I was at school. This one is a good one "Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man" 1943. I would love to have met him, and have often wondered if he may have had a bit of Temp Lobe Epilepsy??!! as some of my auras remind me of some of his work. Cheers Elaine
  4. Bernard
    05-04-2012 09:32 AM - permalink
    Happy birthday!
  5. Bernard
    05-04-2011 06:34 AM - permalink
    Happy birthday Elaine!
  6. Bernard
    05-04-2010 08:05 AM - permalink
    Happy birthday Elaine!
  7. Bernard
    03-26-2010 06:34 AM - permalink
    Thanks Elaine. I'll speak to him.
  8. Elaine H
    03-26-2010 06:16 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi Bernard

    I have been having a lot of nasty e.mails from a chap recently got talking to on a dreadful website called you can imagine how some of our conversations have gone, as you know how much I detest the word epileptic.What happens is you go on his site and become a "friend of Mickeys" but, if you don't agree with his principles, you are automatically barred, myself and several friends a few of your regulars on CWE have been barred, and he has now found his way to your site, and is apparantly going to make things unpleasant for me!!!! You know how much CWE has helped me and friends.You should have a couple of new recruits, Emily, Randy and hopefully Dave, they were all appalled at this Mickey guy's negative sympathy craving website, and were all barred, and are joining CWE.

    Best Regards

  9. Bernard
    03-20-2010 09:00 AM - permalink
    Thanks Elaine. I'll keep an eye out for Emily's introduction.
  10. Elaine H
    03-20-2010 06:31 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Ok Bernard, will do. There is a new girl here that I met on Facebook, Emily, she sounds as though she could do with some people around her who understand, I know we can all get together and help her out, I've told a lot of others about CWE via Facebook, and only ever have good things to say about your site, and all the good work that you do on here.

    Very Best Wishes

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