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Conversation Between Elaine H and RanMan
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  1. Elaine H
    02-04-2016 07:14 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi Randy,I hope you are well and your epilepsy is behaving itself? Not good with my Atonics recently, I was taken to Casualty last month, and kept in overnight, I had nothing with me, I had been out shopping when I collapsed, I guess it was a good job an ambulance was called as I was bleeding so much.
    I have to see a plastic surgeon next Wednesday, he'll say if I need surgery to where I was burnt on my right hand last September, I am still smiling though, what else can we do huh?
    I'm sorry I haven't written for a while, but the eye condition and now my hand injuries has caused problems doing some things, especially as I'm right handed, and yep, it was my right hand I burnt! Also,my memory is getting worse by the day, middle age and epilepsy!!
    Do let me know how you are doing, and I really hope that things are ok with you, and that you will have healthy news? Best Wishes Elaine x
  2. RanMan
    01-08-2016 10:40 AM - permalink
    HELLO Lainey,

    Hope you have a very good 2016.

    Don't know about you but my 2015 was crappy.

    Hope to hear from you soon and we can "compare notes".

  3. RanMan
    12-03-2013 12:47 PM - permalink
    Hi Lainey,
    I hope you a "familiar face". I'm glad you're doing alright.
    I'm not doing too bad but the rest of my family is doing awful. (I could write a book)
    BTW, How's your book coming?
    Anyway, Glad to hear from you, I thought you forgot about me, like you said, sooo many new members.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Elaine H
    11-13-2013 11:47 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi There
    How nice to see a familiar face!! I had Belinda drop me a line earlier today, asking did I remember her? I don't come on here as much as I used to, but the only reason for that is, I don't recognise any of the folk on here. It is good that new people are joining all the time though I suppose it really is such a brilliant site. Anyway, how are you doing? I hope life is treating you better than it is me? Although, having said that, things are gradually improving for me, I'm still not working, but have been doing a lot of talks on epilepsy around the UK recently, so that's been good, and I recently joined a social group, so I'm getting out and about more now, and meeting people, I was starting to feel like a recluse!! That isn't me, I'm a people person, and needed to get out more.
    I'm still having wobblies, how are yours? I hope you are ok, and I look forward to hearing from you soon? Regards Elaine X
  5. Elaine H
    04-03-2013 05:46 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi Randy
    Great to hear from you hun! I'm sorry I've been so quiet, it's just that life is still not the best! I did work on a voluntary basis though, it was just wonderful, no pay, but just to get up, and go and be with an office full of nice friendly folk, and do a days work! Just to be out of the house every day was great I felt like alive I'd re-joined the human race again. But, they moaned about my memory problems? Can you believe that, and I was working for Employment and Disability Services, you'd think they would have been a bit more sympathetic! How are you doing, how are the wobblers, I'm having now have Atonic seizures, just drop to the floor in the supermarket, at the bus stop, it's always men that come to my rescue, women just stand there gawping at me, it's probably because I'm a slender 6' blonde?!?! ha ha ha, it was a tall dark and very handsome firefighter last week, god he was lush!! I still have my sense of humour! Lotsalove Lainey XXXX
  6. RanMan
    03-21-2013 01:50 PM - permalink
    Hi Lainey, Haven't heard from you in a while.
    Hope everything is O K with you.
    Drop me a line when you get a chance. Luv 2 hear fr u.

  7. Elaine H
    04-18-2012 10:01 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi Ran Hope all is good with you hun? I'm just knocking about on here as it is pouring with rain outside. I have a job by the way!!!! If I could remember how to put a New Thread on this website, I'd tell everyone who knows me, and knows what a misery I've been since I've been unemployed. I start Mon 23rd April, and will be working for The Holiday Inn hotel, working in Events Management, something I have never done before, so it'll be all new to me, I just hope and pray, that my memory will cooperate a little bit at least, and I shall write everything I learn down!! It will just be great to be out there again, a member of the human race, instead of sitting here watching it go past. I'll let you know how it goes hun. I hope everything is going ok for you? Drop me a line when you can ok? Lol Lainey XX
  8. RanMan
    02-28-2012 01:42 PM - permalink
    Hi Folks
    Hi Lainey,
    Glad to hear from you.
    I'm doing fine ~ no seizures.
    I'm surprised to hear that Mark is getting married. How are you taking that?
    Are you invited to the wedding?

    I'm just back from my second trip to Jamaica to visit my son-in-law, my daughter married a Jamaican back in October 2011. We are waiting for the immigration paperwork to go through so he can move up here.
    It's completed at this end but the Jamaican Embassy is soooo slow (they're on Jamaican time) and it could take up to a year. Jamaicans aren't even allowed to leave their country for a vacation without going through tons of paperwork, sometimes iot can take months.
    As a result, my daughter will be making lots of trips to Jamaica in the up comming year or so. She's gone there 10 times already.
    BTW ~ I've never heard of Zumba.
    Good luck on the job front, don't give up.

  9. RanMan
    01-06-2011 11:02 AM - permalink
    Hi Elaine, haven't heard from you in a while.
    Happy New Year, hope 2011 is seizure free, and no "wobblers"
    BTW ~ How's the book comming along?
  10. RanMan
    09-09-2010 11:30 PM - permalink
    Hi Lainey!!!!

    Sorry to hear that your summer is going so bad and you're so down in the dumps.
    Now with the Fall comming and the kids going back to school, the job market should ease up a little and you might have a better chance to find a job.

    My summer was crap too.
    My 28 year old daughter ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks (one week intensive care) due to a massive pulminary ambolism which was the result of a previous injury from a fall. That worried the hell out of me.
    So I basically spent the whole summer looking after her.
    She's o-kay now and is getting ready to return to work in October. (she's a corrections officer for ppl under 18 yo) but is looking for something else less physical but in the same field.


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