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Conversation Between Elaine H and Ruth
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  1. Ruth
    08-06-2015 10:03 AM - permalink
    Pinkattitude is a grandmother!! Great news!! She has posted.
  2. Elaine H
    01-22-2012 07:34 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi Ruth I just have to write after the worst few weeks with my seizures I had about six complex partials yesterday alone, and did all sorts of weird things including pouring tea all over myself!!! A few days before, I wet myself twice, at home luckily, and the day before that, I collapsed at the bus stop, there were two women there when I got to the bus stop, and the man who came to my rescue said that he was disgusted by them, they simply ignored me, and got onto the bus!? I was so angry, I wrote to the local paper, and they sent a photographer round, and did a big feature on me, and epilepsy in general, I only hope the two women saw it, the man who helped me said,they thought I was drunk for godsake!! I had an Atonic seizure, no shaking, I just collapsed, lay perfectly still, and for all they knew, I could have had a heart attack, a stroke, anything!! Anyway, hows things with you, are your wobblies ok, and does stress aggravate your wobblers? Write soon. Lol Lainey XXXX
  3. Ruth
    09-03-2011 05:37 AM - permalink
    Hi, what is wrong?
  4. Ruth
    02-03-2010 05:28 AM - permalink
    Oh, wow!! I am so sorry you got hurt that bad. Will they be able to fix you up? I hope so, you are a dear friend. That was awful. Keep me posted as to how you are.

  5. Elaine H
    02-02-2010 08:14 AM - permalink
    Elaine H
    Hi Ruth

    How lovely to hear from you! I don't know if you saw that I had 1st degree burns to my right hand? I had wobbler drying my hair ouch!! I had no warning and no memory of it, I had no idea I had even done it until 15 minutes later, my brain went on auto-pilot, that scares me, what terrifies me, is turning the dryer on my face and burning myself, I never dry it now unless Mark is there sometimes I think how lucky I was ?! That could have been my face, or I could have electrocuted myself, I have to go to physio today, and I face plastic surgery!!! Maybe I could get 'em to have look at doin' "the rest" while they're there huh?! Maybe get a discount for a job lot and a boob job??!!!
    I still have my sense of humour,for "the physioterrorist" I'm NOT looking forward to it, I can hardly bend the index and the middle finger on my right hand, and they are all crusty with scabs!, lovely eh??!!
    Let me know how you're doing?


    Lainey xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Ruth
    01-31-2010 08:32 PM - permalink
    Hi Elaine, how are you doing? Sorry, I have not been around more. Stopped by to say "Hi." Hope everything is going fine.

    I like your posts, I hope you post more often. Ruth
  7. Ruth
    09-15-2009 09:43 PM - permalink
    Hi Elaine, a new topic has been started on the word "stigma." Come and join us.
  8. Ruth
    08-20-2009 11:54 AM - permalink
    Hi Elaine, a poem has been dedicated to you. Ruth

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