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    Seizure Background
    i was diagnosed in 1996 with epilepsy that is caused by a congenital brain abnormality, i spent six years before that, since i hit puberty, having pedi-mal seizures. the doctors never figured out that's what they were though till i had a break through of sorts and had my first grand-mal seizure in late 1996. thanks to h2o deprivation that i had with the first three big seizues that i had it almost completely destroyed my short term memory. i worked six years to get back to where i am now. at first i could not go anywhere without a pen and paper to write notes with so i did not forget someones name or somewhere i had been or needed to go. i needed i list for the store even if it was one or two things that i needed. now a days though i can at least go to the store for a hand full of things and not need a list. the biggest loss i had to deal with was that of my future. i was in school at the time for my degree in architecture. i lost that dream and nearly my life on my own. i had to battle off depression over the whole thing and that is a battle i fight every day. i managed to make it on my own though and in 1998 met and married my husband of ten years. he has helped me a lot. he goes to the doctor with me and keeps me from hurting myself when i have the occasional seizure. the last 18 months or so my condition has seemed to worsen. i have started having break through seizures and alot more peti-mal seizures. this has sent me back to the doctor recently and i am hoping for a resolution that is for good.
    To up date things I founf a wonderful doctor through the epilepsy center at harbor view medical center in Seattle, anyone living in the area that has seizure problems needs to see them. They not only have good doctors but they have programs that help people with no medical insurance. Well I went to see this doctor and the first thing he did was adda medication short term do my one I already take, but when that did not help he did not try a different one instead he asked if I had had a video EEG done before to see where the seizure are coming from in the brain. I told him no and I was scheduled for one. My husband did not really like the idea because I was going to be tken off my meds and have a seizure brought on of possible. I know my body and knew from past experience that no more than 30 hrs off the meds, especially with the stress of being in the hospital that I would have one if not more. I was nervious but not worried because there would be no safer place that I could have one. I got the EEG done and they managed to caplure two really good T/Cs as well as numerous smallerones. I went back a month later to the doctor and was able to be told where the seizures are coming from and what can be done to help. U*nfortunatly there is no epicenter for the seizuers they erupt from multipul places and ping pong on over my brain do to the fact that the gray matter that is causing them is scattered everywhere like weeds in an unkept garden. Surgery is a big no because of this and medication is my only option. I am on tegrital all by itself now and have found a level that works for me with little problems and few if any preak through seizures at this point.
    tegrital @ 200mg x 5
    seattle wa
    like to collect things having exp. dates matching impt. dates to me (i.e.) b-days, annivs., ect.


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