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    Seizure Background
    My seizures start in my stomach and rises up. I feel fear, daja vu- like I've been here done that it's all so familiar, and other sensations. had surgery in 2003. I was seizure free for 7 years. and now there back. I was diagnosis with E in 1991. Had a tonic clonic in a diner I woke up to the paramedics in my face. It wasn't until 2002 that I discovered that I have simple patcial seizures. I had these since childhood. I remember feeling a sudden sence of fear for no reason. I thought that god was punishing me. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't know how to explain it well enough for others to understand.
    After finding myself in places that I don't remember how I got there. did this several time at work. My co workers asked me Q's like are you retarted? where do you come from? I didn't understand why they were asking me thoes Q's. now I think about it-thier not very nice people and a few car crashes that I don't remember how it happen. I thought somethings not right so, I decieded to see a specialist that my Grandma suggested. I made the call and made the appointment. (I didn't have any expectations because I seen other Dr's and no success.) I started to tell the Dr my symptoms and he totaly understood. He told me I have simple parcial,complex seizures,and sometimes have a tonic clonic seizure. I was thrilled to find out God was not punishing me and I'm not this weird crazy person. I have Epilepsy. The Dr said that I was a good canidate for surgery and that I would need to go through a handful of tests. I really didn't know too much about Epilepsy. My Dr gave me info on my types of seizures and others as well.
    My first test was an video eeg and these wire things on each side of my cheeks and my meds were decreased. I felt the simple but didn't push the button on the pack. I was scared to. thanksgiving day 2002.1 min later the nurse was there asking if I had on I said "yes". 2nd test Jan 2/03. WADA test I thought this one was fun- I remember all the questions they asked me when my left side was sedated. I don't remember anything this they asked when the right side was sedated. result- I have Right Temprol lobe Epilepsy. had surgery March 7 03.
    result Right Temprol lobe Epilepsy. I was scheduled for surgery 3/7/03.
    I started with Tegertol 250 mg. Lamictal 250 mg Keppra 250mg. Temprol Loboctomy. now I take Lamictal 200mg and Vimpat 150mg. I also practice mindfulness. destress w relaxing music. try to eat right.
    I enjoy reading up on anything on health that involves the brain. I like hanging out with my dog
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    Optimism is the faith that leads to achivement, Nothing can be done without hope and confidence
    Hellen Keller


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