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Conversation Between Ruth and stilldancing_98
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  1. stilldancing_98
    04-09-2016 02:21 AM - permalink
    I have been praying for you Ruth. I got off the computer last night because I went into a seizure. I love you and I will catch up on you more.
  2. Ruth
    08-06-2015 09:42 AM - permalink
    Pinkattitude is a grandmother. She posted it!! Great news!!
  3. Ruth
    06-10-2015 08:38 AM - permalink
    I am sorry. Please read my PM and you will understand. Your son and you are relaxed and enjoying the nice weather. That's the way to live.
  4. stilldancing_98
    06-10-2015 12:54 AM - permalink
    I am going to up on any advice you can give me, hugs
  5. stilldancing_98
    11-26-2010 02:18 AM - permalink
    I hope you are doing well. My siezures are going crazey, but I had a really good thanksgiving. Did you?Love you Teresa
  6. stilldancing_98
    06-09-2010 06:46 PM - permalink
    How is my Ruth doin? I miss you.
  7. Ruth
    02-01-2010 05:28 PM - permalink
    Hawke, still dancing could never be mad at anyone. She is busy taking care of her child. She is the nicest person I have ever met.

    Hum, I have not visited you in a while. Are you mad at me? Ruth
  8. stilldancing_98
    08-25-2009 10:21 PM - permalink
    Hi Ruth, its Teresa. I have been so busy. I am doing much better on Vimpat now. I hope you are doing well. Teresa.
  9. stilldancing_98
    05-16-2009 01:26 AM - permalink
    Have a blast. Celebrate!!

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