lennox-gastaut syndrome

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    [Research] Marijuana extract sharply cuts seizures in kids with Dravet syndrome

    Just published in the New England Journal of Medicine are the results of a study testing Cannabidiol in treatment of children with Dravet syndrome (a severe form of epilepsy): The drug manufacturer hopes that it can be available by prescription in 2018 for children suffering from Dravet...
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    Lannox Gasteau

    My grandson has been dealing with epilepsy for almost 2 years, is regressing and now believed to have Lannox Gasteau Syndrom. I understand there isn't a lot of info on this. Is anyone familiar with this? He is in hopes to enter a study at Dartmouth with a new drug, we're hoping for some...
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    Six years after finding out my (now) 11-year-old grandson has epilepsy, we were just told he has Lennox-gastaut syndrome. Personal research had provided me with this diagnosis, but actually hearing it from his neurologist was devastating. I guess I'm looking for a glimmer of hope, and ideas...
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    FDA Approves Rufinamide for Severe Epilepsy - 11/21/2008

    By Med-Page Today... FDA Approves Rufinamide for Severe Epilepsy
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    JUVENILE & MYOCLONIC SEIZURES AKA JME EPILEPSY including Lennox-Gastaut Here are some partial quotes: JME / MYOCOLINIC SEIZURES - from eMed MYOCLONIC SEIZURES - Epilepsy Foundation JME, MYOCLONIC, LENNOX-GASTAUT SEIZURES by Epilepsy.com Feel free to bring about any discussion as...
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    To all affected by Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

    Hi Everyone, I am putting together a short informational video of kids and young adults with LGS. It will also be included in the documentary that we are producing. I am looking for everyone who has a loved one with LGS to submit photographs and videos of them. We are looking for the...
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    Hello from the LGS Foundation!

    Hi there, Just wanted to introduce myself and our organization, the LGS Foundation (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Foundation). The LGS Foundation is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the disorder, while offering support to individuals and their families who are battling with the...