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Hello all! :)

So I'm sure a few people have read that I've been jumping through hoops with Blue Cross, my health insurance company. Was on Lamictal for a happy 7 years, and this past October they said they would no longer cover it and instated "mandatory generics". They said I could still get brand, but they wouldn't cover the cost and the cost adds up to $1,000 a month! Nobody should have to pay that being insured! So Lamotrigine it was.

Initially I was open to trying it, feeling like I had no choice really. I tried it before, and my nuerologist discovered that I was sensitive to the additives in the generic. So I basically felt screwed. I've been doing loads of research, looking into western and holistic medicine. Doing anything and everything I could. For 6 long months I didn't feel like Whitney. I felt like a sad mirage of Whitney, having constant tonic clonic and myoclonic seizures...feeling practically ALL of the side effects...just plain miserable. (And I'm generally an optimistic person).

I've been working on my second appeal with Blue Cross, and just two days ago I finally got an answer! After reading my testimonial, my doctor's testimonial, and receiving copies of my medical records since I was first diagnosed at 12...they are going to cover the fees and I'm going to go back to paying my usual $50 co-pay. I was so beyond ecstatic, I started bawling my eyes out right then and there. I was actually surprised and was worried that I may have to file a third appeal, and then have to find a lawyer. I can't believe I won my appeal, I'm still a bit surprised!

I started brand name Lamictal again last night, and I'm feeling like crap today (which has been the usual lately, anyways). Doctor says there may be a short transition period, since I was so sensitive to the generic...but hopefully in time, all should be well. For the time being at this point in my life, at least. Heck, I'll take it! So so happy!! :woot:
Congrats! I had something similar happen - they changed to generic, I had a sz, they upped the dose, I had another one, and after a huge amount of "discussions" I finally got back on brand. I didn't have any transition problems going back, and have been happy since. I'm sure you'll be totally back to normal soon!
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