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Has anyone bought eyeglasses online? Where is a good place?
My family tells me of these eyeglasses, places in LosAngeles where my kids live, but I just don’t have the guts. I had a hard enough time going from glass glasses to plastic glasses... do hope you find a good place with a good deal.
When i was living in the states,i used to buy contact lenses from
They also sell eyeglasses. I cant comment on their quality, but their complaints ever.

This company has business in canada via the name
Awesome service
I also buy my contact lenses online--from 1800contacts. I get my glasses made when I have my eyes tested, though. Overall, I barely use them--just for a few hours before & after I remove my contacts. That's because I've broken 4 pairs of glasses during complex partials seizures--and 2 of those were metal frames!
really cost about the same as most eyeglass places unless you catch an epic sale. i usually pay about 400 or 700 for oakleys after everything, but one places have lenses last years years oakleys at decent price, and 70% off lenses. so i paid 280. we will see when i get then, and how they act when i start breaking them due to seizures
The problem is you have to get the distance between your pup's measured for the lenses to be made right to for the frame (or at least that's how I understand it), and the measurement is hard to do on your own and they don't give it to you with your prescription.

In my case, I have a strong prescription which requires high index lenses or else the lenses come out ultra thick so the price goes really high even on the online sites, and that's IF they sell high enough index lenses.

My last pair of glasses cost $500, but it was worth it. That said, I just got a years supply of contacts for$200 and the prescription quality is really great, much better than my previous experience with contacts. I have stigmatism so contacts don't really work well for me, but the freedom is great.
I usually get my eyes tested every year since contact lens prescriptions expire after a year. My prescription hasn't changed in over 10 years. Sometimes, though, I will just order another year's worth of lenses a few months before my prescription is to expire.
I've ordered from zenni online for many years. Great company with awesome customer service.

Resaebiunne, if you ask for the PD the Dr must give it to you. They just want patients to buy from their office with huge mark ups, so they don't automatically offer that bit of info.
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Has anybody bought progressive lenses online? And how about those lenses that automatically darken when outside? I'd like to try online stuff but was always afraid because I use progressives I wouldn't get it right.
i got mine a few days ago, so far I have been happy with them,
i was offered daily contacts, but i dont like them, they essentially melt after 12 hours,
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