Clonazepam wean with ACTIVE seizures?


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The PCP who initiated prescribing for anxiety left immediately after a new owner took over the practice. I've seen 2 PCPs here since, and both, first visit, let me know they were hell-bent on weaning me off of it because of the opioid epidemic. It's the only medication that helps, and I DO experience severe anxiety, almost like panic attacks, prior to seizures. Head and hand tremors, usually R hand, but sometimes the L joins in. L finger flutters. Head tremors, can be mild or severe. Sometimes I even stiffen up. Sweaty hands, feet, armpits.

I got so ticked off that I tried weaning myself on several occasions because he'd been occasionally 'surprising' me with weans when I'd pick up my prescription. I'm on such a low dose...1/2mg in the morning; 1mg at bedtime. The symptoms I experience when I try to wean are much too severe, almost as if a seizure is in the offing, and I have had both multiple auras and a focal unaware back in August, apart from any weaning attempts. My neurologist is not convinced that what happened back in August was epileptic in nature, as I've yet to be wired up. He seems hell-bent on forcing a worthless routine EEG on me first, fully aware most of my seizures occur at night. I know he could order a 72-hour ambulatory EEG with the right code. My former neurologist was able to bypass the routine and hop right to an ambulatory, but he's not backing down, and I'm trying to limit my time on the road. She's now MS director and can no longer see me.

I honestly think clonazepam is helping hold at least some seizures at bay. I'm literally terrified my PCP is going to kill me because of some opioid epidemic that has more to do with him (should I combine large amounts of the two and OD, causing him to have to lawyer up...I don't think they are fatal when merely combined as prescribed, or my periodontist wouldn't have prescribed Tylenol with codeine following laser gum surgery, as he was aware of the meds I was taking.)

I feel stuck though because the original prescribing physician is too far away now, and I've had no luck finding benzo-friendly doctors. Are psychiatrists benzo-phobic now? I need this medication. My PCP and neurologist are going to land me in another car accident.
Your neurologist should be the one that is managing your meds for seizure control, not your PCP.

You should not be driving if your seizures aren't controlled. You have to be at least 3 months seizure free to legally drive in most States in the USA.
My neuro is the ONLY one who does anything with my AEDs. My PCP is always up to date on the changes, though. Here in IL, you have to be seizure free for 6 months before you can drive.
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