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Hi everyone,

Seems like a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone has a more in-depth interpretation of what my doctor wrote two years ago. Obviously (well, maybe) it's abnormal, but I guess I don't understand all of the terminology used in the report.

He wrote:

"The waking background activity is well modulated 9-10 Hz posterior dominant alpha that is reactive to eyes opening and closing with appropriate anterior to posterior gradient. Symmetrical theta slowing is seen during drowsiness with increased beta frequencies. Sleep was not obtained.

This EEG is abnormal due to occasional right temporal sharp wave activity. "

Ok, so I understand it for the most part (I think), but does anyone here know what it's saying in layman's terms? I researched about alpha, beta etc, but it sure is out of my league. I guess it's just him saying that everything was done as they were supposed to (ie background activity was correct; alpha was correct when opening and closing eyes; theta was correct as I got tired). With everything being "ok" and where they are supposed to be, I was still having sharp wave activity (ie nothing else caused the sharp waves from the outside)?

Just curious....


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Hi Joe,

Alpha wave are like when a person first wakes up in the morning and shuts off their alarm clock the person is conscious but not
fully awake they are more relaxed where the beta waves are when a person is fully awake and busy along with making decisions
left and right so the neurons in the brain are much more active.

The EEG showed abnormal activity coming from the right temporal lobe which means this could be the area triggering you
seizures. This is what I have right temporal lobe seizures.

I hope I was of some help.

Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,