Fixing up my house & need suggestions


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I'm spending what little money I have slowly but surely on my house. I just got flooring a few years ago and don't like it. I can't justify replacing it this soon but since I have one bedroom that's a big mess, that's next to get flooring. The laminate in the kitchen doesn't look right and the vinyl in the living rm etc. is so soft it's ridiculous, so does anyone have any idea for flooring.
My back is messed up for a variety of reasons (I won't go into) so I've been sleeping in a reclining couch I have a tendency to slide down it it so I'm twisted up and not sitting square on my but does anyone have suggestions? My sister really wants me to get a power chair. Those are expensive and even though they make them that are supposed to have a backup battery so I could get up if my house lost power I don't trust them. Plus when they stop working I'm stuck with a very expense thing I can't use so I'm leaning towards a good non power recliner. Any suggestions?
If you're interested in wood flooring, you might consider bamboo -- it's a little cheaper than hardwood, and can be more eco-friendly.
Don't forget rugs. They can be a cheap easy way to cover a floor.
Don't forget rugs. They can be a cheap easy way to cover a floor.
I've tried rugs my cats barf all over the place. Rugs would be hard to clean. I never of bamboo flooring I will have to do some research on them.
We had originally chosen to install laminate in the condo we rent out partly because it has radiant heat. The tenants that were staying there ruined it, so we replaced with vinyl flooring which looks just like wood flooring. Its said said to be nearly indestructible.
We have carpeting & ceramic tile in our house right now. Next spring or summer, we plan to replace the carpet in the main living areas with hardwood floors. The only places we will leave carpeted are the stairs & bedrooms.
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