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so i moved out on my own about 2 years a go, I had to move into low income housing. Things were going good up until about 1/2 a year a go. some kids lied and said i was taking pitches of them with my phone there parents got really mad and called the cops on me the cops went through my phone and did not find any pitches I never got in trouble. then 3 months later i was out side and one of the same parents lied and called the cops on me saying i was taking pitches of her kid. again cops went through my phone ( nothing)

Up until all this I would go out side sit out side, Now i have this fear to even go outside because some one might lie on me and say I am taking pitches of there kid/kids.
The management here dont care about what goes on and the cops could care less. So is transfuring to a different low income the best thing to do? I will no longer have to worry about a group of parents calling the cops on me. Also the place I hope to move to is a better place. it has a elevator, the washer and dryer are in the same building the bus stops rite in front of the building like 10 feet away its a 20 story high rise for older people and disabled people so there will not be that many people to cause you any trouble
When you're not welcome somewhere, people let you know it, unfortunately :( . Sorry to hear that happened to you. Being falsely accused isn't fun.

Are you allowed to install a camera at your patio? You could have it facing down at you on the patio so that way there's a buffer of extra proof in case you're falsely accused again. Of course, definitely ask your landlord first.

I would probably not be on my phone on my patio at all if I were at that place. I can't blame you for not wanting to go outside, though. If they keep falsely blaming you, I would be thinking about telling the officer if you could press charges for their false accusations.

Transferring somewhere else may solve the problem. You never know, though. You could move and things be better 100% or move and things be worse.

I remember being in an apartment complex years ago that was supporting low income housing, but then they stopped so the people who had low income housing were getting kicked out because the complex decided they no longer wanted to take that and had to leave at the end of their lease. Well, a lot of current tenants were already on that. The switch to get rid of low income kicked out the majority of the complex and at that point, they started remodeling like crazy. The current tenants were incredibly bitter at the new tenants moving in. We had kids intentionally breaking our windows, smearing paint on our front door, leaving trash at our door step, etc. etc. and it wasn't just one household - it was many people that were trying to make our lives a living nightmare...when we moved, the problem was solved.

I hope that you will be able to find a better arrangement. People can be such jerks sometimes!
I completely agree that moving to a different apartment is the best solution. Especially if these people aren't even affected by the police or management, or if the police won't truly do anything.
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