Junior Myoclonic Epilepsy


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I'm 18 and was diagnosed with Junior Myoclonic Epilepsy and I have reached a conclusion that this is not one of the worse types of epilepsy. I have yet to have a real seizure, so all I have really had are tiny jerks like early in the morning when i wake up. Im now taking Depakote. I was wondering how mild or not my type is and what should i avoid doing so that I do not have a big one.

Hi greekman --

I moved your post to the Foyer, so folks could greet you properly. Welcome to CWE! There are different forums here depending on your mood. Feel free to ask questions, vent, share etc.

Hi,my name is Helen and I have the same epilepsy.

I have to say you're lucky with how your epilepsy is.I didn't have such a smooth ride at first.
Btw I am not trying to scare you into thinking your epilepsy is going to somehow take a nose dive.Everyone's epilepsy is different,even if they have the same kind.

To be honest all you need to do to is live a clean lifestyle.
I don't drink,smoke or do drugs (except the ones I need!),and it helps immensely.
I used to drink one glass of wine and wake up with the BIGGEST hangover because it just plain didn't mix with my meds or epilepsy.

Just look after yourself and your epilepsy.

You may have a grand mal one day but sometimes they just can't be avoided.But then again you might not!

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