Modified Atkins


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I have seen some older posts, but nothing in the past two years regarding this subject.

Is anyone familiar with the diet or is anyone actively on it? Also, what does anyone have to share?

I am going to meet with the dietician at my Dr. Office next week and I am suppose to get my labs drawn and start the program. Part of me is really excited and part of me is EXTREMLY nervous.

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thx :)
I have used Atkins to drop 56 lbs. It took discipline to get there but well worth what you think is hard to give up. Make sure you spend the time to learn about what helps lose the weight and how to eat smart. It is not a diet but a lifestyle change.
Thanks to both of you! I am using the MAD for seizure control vs weight loss so I'm looking forward to checking out your links (Nakamova).
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