Muscle spasms and Depakote, questions...


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Well it's been a while since I posted here, as things have been going pretty good with my wife. She's now been seizure free for many months. We have an appointment with the neuro on the 21st of this month so he can sign off on her to be able to drive.

There is one lingering thing that still bothers us both though. When she gets tired, she will have muscle spasms. Often they come about just as she's falling asleep. There isn't any pattern to them at all, and they are all over her body. Most of the time they only occur at bed time, but occasionally they happen during the day too, if she's tired.

Thing is, I don't remember these spasms ever happening until she got on Depakote. In fact, I specifically remember the first night she started taking it, that she complained about these spasms. It's also the first time I've ever noticed them. They resemble the normal jerks that most of us get when falling asleep, only they are more pronounced. They also last for a very long time. Sometimes 30 minutes into her falling asleep. Usually once she's in a deep sleep they go away.

I just was curious if anyone else had a similar situation. I did a search but couldn't find much for answers. Thanks all, and I hope everyone is doing well!