Nile app for tracking seizures

Heavy Kevy

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I’ve been using the epilepsy foundation “My seizure diary” for a few years. Recently got a email requesting me to transfer my info to a new app called Nile. I attempted the transfer but all I see on Nile is my meds. Not my episode history. Anyone else use these apps?
I only go for the free devices. And I have an old phone so I haven't found an app that would work for me. I want to though. Seizure tracking on my phone!
It’s too bad the old app was good. Nothing wrong with the new one. Just didn’t transfer all the data. They’re both free. I’ve found it helpful.
I tried to get the 2007 version of “my seizure diary” via app to check it out. No go with that. They only option I had was the “Nile Al.” I,‘m going to give Nile a try, but can’t check out the other.
Using Nile for a year now. 👎
It’s not set up well. They may have over complicated it. I’ve designed my own little system of using it. Still a PIA.
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