No more Tegretol!

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Hi, all!
I haven't been here in a while, but I wanted to share this with people who will understand how exciting this is.
As of today I am no longer taking Tegretol!
Tegretol was the second med I was put on (I was on Dilantin for about a month at the beginning, but it didn't work and had really bad side effects, so they put me on Tegretol). This was 12 years ago. They kept increasing the dosage until I was up to 1200 mg per day. My seizures still weren't completely controlled, so my doctor added Keppra. I went up to 3,000 mg of that, and it still wasn't completely controlling my seizures. So about 5 years ago I had a 24-hour EEG for 4 days, and my new epileptologist at Yale put me on Lamictal, in addition to to the Tegretol and Keppra. I was up to 400 mg/day of that, and I have been doing really well with those 3 meds since then. I only get the occasional aura once or twice a month (they're hormone-triggered).
Anyway, at my last neuro visit, my doctor said he wanted me to try coming off the Tegretol, since I might not even need it anymore with the other two meds. Plus there's the potential of having liver problems, bone density problems, and pregnancy problems while on Tegretol. So I started weaning off, and now I'm completely off!! Through the whole weaning process my seizure frequency never changed, so it's been successful. It's so nice to only have to take 7 pills a day instead of 12!
Also, it's so great that I can have kids without worrying too much about birth defects or a dangerous pregnancy (I know there's still a risk with Lamictal and Keppra, though).
My parents both said that I'm different now that I'm not taking the tegretol. My mom didn't quite know how to explain it but she said I seem happier and more free. I don't feel any different, but I guess a side effect that I wasn't aware of is gone now. :eek:D
Also, I'm not having a trouble with double vision anymore, which was caused by an interaction between the tegretol and lamictal.
Anyway, yayyy! I'm very excited.
Hi Krista,
Thats great news about coming of the Tegretol, it is always great to be able to reduce the amount of meds we take.

I started taking Tegretol in May 2002 & my neurologist started adding on meds in 2004.
I tried 5 meds all up but none controlled my seizures so in 2009 my neurologist discussed surgery. I had surgery on my left temporal lobe in March 2011. I have been seizure free since the surgery so when I was 12 months post surgery I was able to discuss with the neurologist about slowly reducing one of my meds. At the time I was on Tegretol 400mg (twice a day) & Keppra 1000mg (twice a day). We decided to reduce the Tegretol as it had more long term side effects. It took me 12 months to come of the Tegretol because we did it really slow, I took my last Tegretol in April & have been on just Keppra since.

When I stopped that last dose if Tegretol it was so nice to finally be back to just 1 med (I know compared to alot of people I am very lucky in regards to the amount of meds I have to take).
Thumbs up and a big smile for you both. I know you must feel great!
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