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A new game popped into my mind, and it could progress through responding posters going through the previous poster's word and coming up with a rhyming word, or a word whose spelling would change to come up with the next word.
For example:
Well, lets say I'd post "example", so then a string of responses could go as a thread like "example" then "sample" then "ample" then "imply" then "simply" then "dimples" then even "maple" then "lamp" then "clamping" then "clapping" etc.
"Rhyming" then "hymn" then "hymnal" then "hyena" then "yearn" then "yearling" then even "morning" then "adorning" then "darling" and "Darjeeling" then "jelling"...

It would be like the thread "word association", but the associations would just revolve around the SEGMENTING and RHYMING and REVERSALS and ADDITIONS or PARSING etc. and *NOT* the definitions and relations. (Even vaguely akin to an odd Word Search game at times that relates those things?)

[As a cheat I'll also just say we could "reboot" if we want, i.e. just say "reboot" and come up with a whole new word for a new string (if the words have gotten too short, too few vowels, too many tough "scrabble letters" like "syzygy" or something lol)]

So I'll just start then...

Chilling (any takers?[emoji848][emoji39])
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