Should I go on disability?


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I think I've asked this question before but I need to make a decision. I have epilepsy and schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. Between these two disorders I have a lot of doctors appointments that require stable care. Unfortunately my employment history is very unstable, but I can work, it's just that I have a tendency to show up late and/or miss days from being zonked out on medication or medication changes, lots of time missed from work due to numerous doctors appointments. I haven't even seen a primary care doctor in over a year, and I have severe heartburn that I need to see a doctor for. I take heartburn medication that makes a big difference but it's over the counter. I'm practically disabled just from severe acid reflux from all the medications.

I sleep all day and then I can barely sleep at night, that's usually how it goes, and then I wake up late in the morning. Unfortunately that's what lead me to disaster with my current (last) job and I got fired today. There's some more to it too, work related stuff, that was out of my control, but unfortunately it just is what it is.

My tremors are the worst ever and all the doctors ever say is "we'll give you meds when we get your other meds stable" and never do anything about it, and it's difficult to eat and use the computer. My hands shake so bad I have to type in between shaking spells with my hands. I randomly press letters on the keyboard. Typing this with no typos is a chore. I can touch type, but I can barely type at a good rate of speed because of my tremors. I have to manipulate my hands in weird ways to make the tremors stop so I can rest my hands on the keyboard and type. It's hard to work at work and work quickly when others are around when I have hand tremors so bad because my hands are bouncing all over the keyboard. And then I have people staring at me in the lunch room as I try to eat my lunch. It's no wonder I got fired, they probably fired me for my disability too in an underhanded way. I could probably sue my employer for mistreatment and win but it wouldn't be worth the fight for a job that isn't worth it.

But back to the point, I think it's time to consider disability as a real course of action. My lack of job stability is just forcing me into it, and my recent job experience just proves my own lack of ability to handle in a corporate world.

What do you think? Do you agree? I value your honest opinion. If you need more information from me let me know.
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