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I saw the dietiitian in th elobby at my neuro's hospital.
I agreed to first try the MAD diet for a week7 days .
It looks like I'll be eating a lot of salad one I made when I tried thed Atkins diet some years ago.:twocents:
Hey that's great! Keep us posted on how well it works for you.
Keep us updated, Belinda.

I hope it works for you. Think positive!!
I talked with insuransance company today and they don't cover me going to the dietitian.I'm not covered because I'm not a diabetic
Oh this makes me so angry. This doesn't seem to be worth using for epilepsy to control seizures.
Talk with your physician's office and see if they can get an authorization from your insurance to see the dietician. Diabetes is the only diagnosis that is automatically covered under insurance.
When I left a message at my neuro's office about the dietitian not being covered his secretary wouldn't give him the message for anything.I cancelled my next appointmentwith the neuro and of course the diatitian I can't get hold of.
I always knew my life was worthless.
Your dietician must be awfully expensive for you to give up without finding a way to finance the appointment. You don't strike me as someone who would give up so easily, particularly with the prospect of improved seizure control. Did you speak with the dietician's office and explain your financial difficulties - maybe she can cover all you need to know in just one appointment, and from there your family doctor can monitor how your are doing on the diet. Also, contact your family doctor; he/she may know of sources of funding to help you as well.
That's actually not bad. I had to pay $250 for the first hour (supposedly in part because of all the photocopied info. I was given, which only amounted to 10 pages, lol). Each subsequent hour would potentially have been $65 but I didn't need it.
Belinda, can't you look up the MAD diet on the internet? That would save you money.

I saw a dietician and I got lousy advice. I went from 125 pounds to over 200 pounds. I am back down to 158 pounds.

A lot of people here are on the MAD diet. Find someone here who can help you.
It's ideal to at least start the diet with the supervision of a dietitian or nutritionist. But if you want to get a sense of what's involved, here's a good place to start:
I was told by my insurance company it's not medically necessary for me since I'm not a diabetic.
I've looked the diet up on the internet and it makes know sense to me.The dietitian won't return my call.:twocents::ponder:
I am on the Glycemic Index Diet. That is the only one that makes sense to me. A lot of people are on the MAD diet, though.
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