Venting in the ER


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Just had a seizure not too long ago man has it’s been a tough 4 years since this started I guess I was having partial seizures. I’ve been on so many dosage of keppra none of them have work all day today I’ve been thinking about seizures googling it then boom look I’ve had one. My lip is bit and touge I’m just sick of this, funny thing about all of this my mother said I wasn’t convulsing I’ve had a really roughly month. Not sure what to do about this stuff I have Medicaid I applied to another neurologist he denied me because of Medicaid said they don’t take it tried applying for another insurance was denied because prexisting conditions I also was denied for disability my current clinic doesn’t pay attention to me I guess it’s my fault I haven’t took the VEEG yet I was just scared I guess. Sitting in this ER my heart won’t stop pulsating my body’s killing me sometimes I feel like I’m going to die from this. I’m just tired
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was denied because pre-existing conditions
I think the ACA made that illegal. You should doublecheck that.

Maybe there's a neuro at the ER who can refer you to a epileptologist at the hospital? Someone who can prescribe a different med that might work better. I hope you feel better soon.
Hi Hereforq,

Sorry to hear things are going to well for you. I was at a point like that in my life and then I started getting tests done and I has surgery to reduce my seizures. What's really helpful is taking 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with mother in it once a day that has just about stopped all of my seizures. Give it a try.
I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

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