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I found this interesting. My sleep patterns are terrible. I may try this.

People are often surprised when I tell them this, but if you want to sleep well on a regular basis, the single most important thing you can do is to have a consistent wake-up time.

This is because your circadian rhythm, also known as your body clock, is guided by your wake-up time rather than your bedtime. The circadian rhythm doesn’t respond instantly, it adjusts gradually over several days, and this adjustment is exactly what’s happening when we experience jet lag. We find we’re tired at awkward times, and we can’t sleep when we get into bed. Our circadian rhythm is still on the schedule of our old time zone, so it’s lagging behind by something like an hour or more a day.

An irregular wake-up time, whether that’s on the weekend, or after a bad night’s sleep, confuses your biological clock in just the same way — in fact, sleep doctors sometimes call this “social jet lag.”

Obviously then, the best way to ensure that you’re sleepy at the same time each day is to wake up and get out of bed at the same time every day, even on the weekends. This is actually the opposite of what most people assume is the best thing for their sleep. They go to bed at the same time each day and vary the wake-up time based on how they slept during the night. Unfortunately, this works against the way the body regulates sleep, and that can lead to frustration when you get into bed.

So ideally, try to maintain a wake-up time within a consistent 15-minute window every day. Even if you’ve slept badly. And even if you’ve been out the night before. And before you know it, you’ll have your body clock working like, well, clockwork again.
Hi Heavy Kevy,

I couldn't agree with you more, I get up at 4:30 am Mon.-Fri. to get ready to go to work and I usually go to bed between 9:30 pm - 10 pm
Then when the weekends come or any days I don't have to work I wake up at the same time and if I sleep past 5 am I feel more tired than
usual. Thanks for sharing this info. I find it very interesting. I wish you only the best and May God Bless You!

I've had a constant schedule for the longest time. I sleep a little past 10 pm, and get up around 4 am. If we go somewhere, I may stay up 1 or 2 hours later, but when I sleep, I'll still sleep around 6-6.5 hours. I've noticed that if I lay in bed longer than 10-15 minutes after waking up, my back hurts.
See this Dog (indicating my avatar)? He's my Hearing Dog. This is just a photo of him when he was a puppy because he was 'cute' back then. Now, he just looks like a Standard Poodle with a Mohawk who, as it turned out, isn't very friendly. I blame myself for that, but to make it short, I was in hospital too long during his Socialization phase of growth and he just never takes to strangers now. (shrug) He's still a great Hearing Dog. Anyway.
The point:
He makes certain that I'm up between 4:30 and 4:45 so that I can feed him at 5am every morning. He doesn't give me much of a choice.
Does he care what time I went to bed the night before? I've asked him many times, and have NEVER gotten an answer that suits me, so I'm assuming it's a big fat NO. :) So I try my best to hit that sack around 21:30. Fortunately the PM meds knock me out sufficiently that (if I remember to TAKE them on time,) it's not an issue. I can always go back to sleep after walking him if I need to do so, but it's not often, probably a few times monthly.
Yes. I count myself very fortunate.
I've taken these medications for so long that their "may cause drowsiness" side effect doesn't affect me any more. Sometimes I actually have nights when I need medicine to fall asleep.
I am very lucky, in that respect. The medications have to do with my digestions issues and they seem to be pretty darn strong, lots of stickers about causing drowsiness and dizziness, and only to use at bedtime, and so far I've built up no immunity. Don't even know how long I've been on them; a handful of years, for certain. But the AEDs that I have to take, and the Benzo for the epilepsy, I concur: I probably have gotten used to the drowsiness that they used to give me. I think since the insurance company made me switch blood thinners, they made me sleepy at first. But now they seem to just give me the blahs.
Thank you for this information. I will start to wake up at the same time every day of the week.
Very helpful! Thanks!
Funnily enough, I'd forgotten about this thread. Not that 'forgetting' anything surprises me; my memory is trashed. It's just that I read over what I'd typed such a short time ago and I think, "Wow I miss those days". :)
Oh, I still have to get up to feed Marlowe, but I go back to bed and I can end up sleeping the day unless he wakes me for something.
It's been a very, VERY depressing few weeks. Sleeping is my only defense as I cannot take 'mood enhancers' (they make me suicidal) and I place absolutely ZERO stock in 'alternative' treatments (not to mention if my neuro team found out I was trying things they'd already told me NOT to do, they'd summarily kick me out of their program without so much as a "have a nice life, what's left of it!").
I think that out of a 24 hr day I sleep probably -oh, I don't know. I don't want to exaggerate but probably 2/3 of it is spent asleep, dreaming that I'm not dying, not even sick, and that everything is fine. I don't even mind being so old; it's just this illness that's taken away so much, mostly my independence and my dignity. That I think is the worst of it. If 'Pride goeth before a fall' to misquote Proverbs, then I've one HECK of a fall coming lol :)
I didn’t take my own advice last year. 😠
I need to get my sleep pattern under control.
I’m setting up a alarm now and I’m going to slowly work it down. I’m missing to much of the day.

“The sunshine bores the daylights out of me
Chasing shadows, moonlight mystery”
The Glimmer Twins
Bah humbug ! (Can you even use this phrase if it's not Xmas?)

My sleep is all over the place during the school year when I'm working. Up at 6:45 am during the week, off to bed around 11pm. Usually a 10 minute cat nap around 4. On weekends, a whole nother story. Up till 3am, sleep until 11am. :D

Summer break I guess is my natural rhythm, much like my usual weekends but I get to do it each day for 2.5 months. Yay!

I can count on one hand how many times I was up before 10am during summer break. 😅
Avast Ye,
I’ve been horns waggled out of a restful slumber. What’s all the scallywag about this mutiny of my brain.
(Can I talk like a pirate?)😅
What the heck!
Insomnia! Really! Sleeping was my specialty. I’m confused, I’ve been on the same night time dose for over a year. My only recent change was a mere 10mg of Onfi first thing in the morning. I’m relaxed, nothing major bothering me, comfy, but not falling asleep 😴
Tough to set a sleep schedule when you start sleeping at 3am. 😣
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