Wearing Depends


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I wondered if there was anyone who looses their bladder during seizures that wears Depends? I do loose mine during seizures, not all the time though. I sleep with a pee pad, don't know if that's the technical term for them, on the bed as a precaution because I have had seizures in my sleep when I have.

I had 4 seizures total in the day last Wednesday and I lost my bladder during two.

During the first one I was in bed, not sure if I was awake or not, but I'd lost it then. When I'd gotten out of bed my parents saw that I was wet and the bed was too. They had me sit in a chair after that seizure waiting for me to come totally out. I went into another seizure very shortly after while I was in the chair and lost my bladder during it. My mom said I that after I came out of the seizure, not sure if it was 100% or not, I just went back into the wet bed with wet clothes on. The other two were later in the day and I was ok during them.

I didn't know I had any of the seizures and I don't remember that day either. It's been a while since I've had memory loss that bad. Having that many seizures in one day is too.

My dad mentioned about wearing Depends. Not all the time just when I might be out. Not all the time when I was out either, just when I might be with friends or somewhere that I might be embarrassed when it would happen.


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My mom was considering that kind of thing for me when I was in jr. high because when I would have grand mal seizures and sitting in class, it would just happen and that was embarrassing...it was causing issues at school. We were able to curb it by me using the bathroom at home before school and I would take a vitamin B supplement at the time. That got rid of the problem, but it's not an uncommon issue by any means so I never had to.

Although, if I still did have the issue, I probably would definitely consider depends as well. No shame in doing so if that's what's the most helpful.


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Hello. About 2 or 3 years ago I started having some complex partials in which I would wet myself. I don't get any aura prior to them, & unless there is a witness or I do something to myself/my surroundings, I'm completely unaware of its occurrence. I have started using the bladder leak pads, not the full underwear when I go out.