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Aura w/migrane vs Aura w/Epilepsy

Hi all, new to the Board and looking for some guidance and info regarding the above. Our 8 yo ds had a seizure back in May and was immediately placed on Keppra. He has not had any seizures since that time however has had alot of doctors appointments and tests with the Neurologists. He has indicated that he gets a flashing lights in his eyes followed by a headache but on other occasions only experiences the headache and no flashing lights prior to it. They have not made a definitive diagnosis but both of the above have been discussed and since this all so new to us we are looking for some guidance. He has had an EEG, Cat scan and will have an MRI this week and I am hoping we have a definitive diagnosis soon. I am also wondering if an Aura w/migrane can turn into a seizure w/epilpesy as alot of the stuff I have been reading indicates there is research that refers to this. Thanks for any guidance and assistance anyone can offer.
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Hi Nubbsy, and welcome to the site!

Someone else just asked the same question about auras (see link below for the thread).

Long before I had any seizures, I had migraine auras. I would get the flashing lights in my eyes, lasting for under an hour, but no headache. I didn't get them very often (maybe a few times a year), but since I had my first seizure (a tonic-clonic) I've never had the migraine aura again. I don't get any sort of aura before my seizures.

While there is a difference between the migraine auras and epilepsy ones, I think migraine is on a spectrum with epilepsy. They are both are abnormal brain firing events, often triggered by similar stimuli. With hindsight I think that that my migraines were a sort of warning that I needed to pay attention to the factors that eventually led to my seizures.

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