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Old 09-01-2012, 01:19 PM
Getting Comfortable
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Dejavu episodes -new to forum.

Hi Everybody!

I am now to the forum. I came here to learn and talk about seizures, epilepsy, and the temporal lobe.

I have been having really odd dejavu episodes for two years now. When I had the first one, I searched my symptoms and came up with it being a migraine aura or a temporal lobe seizure. Either one of them sounded legit since I have headaches and was told I have ocular migraines in my early 20's, ( I am mid 30's now) and since my mom has had seizures before that started off with deja vu feelings. I didn't immediately do anything about it.

My first experience in detail:
I woke up in the morning in September of 2010, and I logged onto my favorite metaphysical forum. I was reading a post when all of a sudden things got weird. I felt like I was taken to another time and place. The experience was like being in an underground library in ancient times with ancient texts. I felt like I was with the person who wrote the post. In the actual physical world, the light seemed odd to me. It was like things got brighter and clearer--which makes no logical sense since things obviously were not clear to me if I felt like I was in an underground library of ancient times. My nose felt as if it smelled something. Then I went into this feeling of being somewhere else accompanied by the dejavu. I was certain this happened before according to my senses. I felt tingling all over my body and a hotness rushed up from my pelvic area to my head. I felt intense fear and nausea. My face grew flush and I started sweating. I ran to the bathroom and vomitted. Then I was cold. And scared. And confused. And tired. I kept trying to think about the 'memory' I had. I was trying to figure out what it all meant.

This was the beginning of many episodes like this.

The next one was something like me walking into my kitchen in the morning, and the light shifting to a darker shade. I think maybe the sun went behind a cloud or something. I got the feeling come over me. The tingling. The memory. The clarity accompanied by stuff that made no sense. I remembered being a kid on the couch home from school and the light being the exact same way. I felt a smell in my nose. Indescribable. Then the fear. The heat. The nausea. The vomiting. Shaking.

After six months of this, I went to a chiropractor and told her what was happening. I told her I think they are seizures. She told me it sounded like a psychic experience and not to go to the doctor for it. She said if I get diagnosed with seizures, they will take away my license. Since I don't really lose consciousness during these, she didn't think it was dangerous. She treated me for my headaches. Then I went to a neurologist and got tests ordered in December of 2011. In January of 2012, I went to a massage therapist for headaches before getting the tests done. She offered me a free massage if I agreed to NOT get the tests done. She said it sounded like shamanic experiences to her. She told me about how shamans have this same thing happen. She felt I would be stifled if I had it treated. So I didn't ever get tested for anything.

Sometimes they come now four in a day. Sometimes I won't have them for two months. Sometimes they come everyday for a few days. Sometimes it is once a week. I can't seem to find a connection or correlation.

I started psychotherapy four months ago and mentioned it to my therapist. I didn't have them for two months after I started seeing him. So I felt it was psychological. But then they started again. I have always had problems with emotions and relationships. I attributed it to childhood trauma. I even have periods of dissociation. I primarily went to therapy for these reasons. I thought maybe there was a connection between my emotions and these episodes. Maybe they were even panic attacks.

Anyway, I am now at a point where they are getting stronger. I am having more hallucinations with them and memory loss concerning them. My emotions can't seem to get regulated. I am fine for days and then have intense anger that lasts for days or even weeks. I even felt suicidal out of the blue.

I went to see a neurologist this week to get the tests ordered again. So far I have had blood work done. I go for a sleep deprived EEG on Friday of next week. It will take a few weeks to get my MRI approved by my insurance company. I am really not happy with this neurologist's office, so I will get the tests done and probably move on to another office for treatment.

I just really hope they find something on the tests.
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Old 09-01-2012, 04:10 PM
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Hi Popcorn,

Welcome to CWE. learned more here in a little over a year since I found this forum, the people are very understanding (because we have all been there at one time or another.

I have temporal lobe E. of the right, my seizures always start with dejavu before a seizure, so I consider myself very lucky. When you read of what others go through you will understand.

I,m glad you went to a Neur. and that they are doing test.

I started keeping a dairy logging everything from seiz. deja vu, triggers, this I leaned here. This will help you recall info. for the progess.

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Old 09-02-2012, 03:42 PM
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Hi Popcorn,
How frustrating it must be for you to not know what's going on. I have seizures similar to the way you describe your symptoms. I first get the de ja vu. It feels like I've seen that thing before in a previous life or something. It makes no sense but it feels familiar. Then I get major anxiety, my stomach knots up and makes me feel like I'm going to vomit but I never do, then I black out. Friends and family have told me that I go into a deep stare,smack my lips like I'm thirsty, move my wrists, and I can talk to them if they ask me questions. I have no recollection of those things because I black out after all those de ja vu experiences. One thing that really helps me to avoid the de ja vu is to look in different directions and distract my mind from attaching a familiar feeling to something.

Hopefully you get clear test results as to what you're experiencing. Best wishes.
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