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Old 08-08-2018, 07:43 AM
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Hi and sorry in advance for this long mail,
My new doc decided i should try to take more Keppra. Now i take 1000 -0- 1000 Keppra and 450 -0 - 600 Ergenyl chrono. It looks i feel better, but my strange "loosing speech moments" are still here, though it happens not so often. She insists that i do not need so much Ergenyl and it would be better to take even more Keppra, because of the type of my "loosing speech moments" that could be the beginning of seizures that just do not develop.
My epilepsy started 20 years ago and i had quite a few focal seizures before they found the right combination of drugs. Combination Ergenyl (Valproate ) +Keppra was the first that helped and is was more or less OK for all these years. Seizures turned into those strange loosing speech for a few sec moments and gradually became not so often. Recently it became a little bit worse and also my doc retired. So now i am not so sure what is good for me, especially since the new doc wants to give me more than 3000 Keppra. Anyone has experience with high doses of Keppra? Would be grateful for any info, though i realize everybody is different.
Thanks as usual for all the help you give me,
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Old 08-17-2018, 02:55 PM
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I take 3000 Keppra but I went from 0 to 3000 slowly over 3 months to get there. I also take 400 Vimpat as well but most of the side effects started with Keppra. Dizziness, facial numbness.

These side effects were more frequent at the start but have diminished. They are the same but I adjusted and I was always concerned that I would get more side effects as the dosage went up but thankfully they are the same side effects. Oddly, after switching to the generic Keppra the side effects have increase but my deja vu seizures have been reduced greatly.
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